Starting a Needed Conversation

Life is such an interesting journey, with so many twists and turns. Certain events may not make sense at the time, but when you look back, it all seems to fit into place. That being said, I am excited to announce the release of my first book Epinephrine: A Superhero When Allergies Get Serious! As a mother of a son who has multiple life-threatening food allergies, I wanted to find a way to explain to him how his medication epinephrine worked, just in case we had to use it in an emergency. Anaphylaxis is a scary enough situation by itself, and when someone sticks a needle in your leg with no explanation, it can be downright terrifying! Children have so many questions, and “Because mommy or daddy says so,” is not a good enough explanation for why children have to take their medication. Our children are very bright, so let’s include them in the conversation about their medication. The result could be fewer struggles and arguments when it’s time to take their medication. Win, win!

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